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These are the Things that you Should not do While having your Period!!

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There are number of things you don’t feel like doing when you are on your period and then there are things you should ignore when you are on period. Not necessarily because your body does not feel like doing it but because it can harm your health and make you feel even worse.

Hormonal changes occur in menstrual cycle that changes neurotransmitters which are responsible for functions like libido, appetite, mood, pain, anxiety, emotion and pleasure. The various changes that women observe throughout the menstrual cycle are because of the changed levels of progesterone, testosterone and estrogen.

According to statistics every woman in America may have 450-455 menstrual cycles throughout her lifetime although older generations of the same region had 150-155. Every woman’s body is different and the symptoms can vary from one to another however taking care of certain things in periods can spare you from a lot of trouble. Scientific research has disclosed some of the things women should avoid in these sensitive days of month.

Avoid salty foods

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Women tend to have weird cravings when they are on their period like nibbling on some french fries or salty snacks, but it can actually make you feel even worse. Salty foods may contribute to bloating due to which women feel heavy and dull, along with that it can increase cramps. So avoid the consumption of too much salt if you have sensitive body.

Avoid romantic or sad movies

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When you are on your period your emotions are entirely on different level, in fact sometimes you might not even realize your own feelings, your hormones are so imbalanced that sometimes mind don’t know how to adapt to the change. Romantic and sad movies can disturb your emotional capacity while you are on period. Avoid watching emotional movies because it can create problem for you. Instead of that you can watch comedy or light movies it will not only make you feel better but will also lift your mood.

Unprotected sex

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While we all agree unprotected sex is a bad idea but specially in periods it can create trouble for you, blood is a generous medium for bugs and viruses to transfer therefore transmission of diseases like HIV and other things are on high risk. When you are on your period, cervix is a bit too dilated which gives open way to bugs to get straight in to vagina and because you are menstruating so you are not protected from pregnancy.

Various studies suggest women who have irregular period ovulation and periods both can happen on the same time which means you can get pregnant if you have unprotected sex.

Exercise regularly

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Various studies suggest that regular workout can reduce menstrual pain and cramps. It will not only make you feel better but along with that it will decrease fatigue, anxiety and depression.

Don’t wax or shave

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Estrogen levels drop substantially in menstrual cycle which makes your body sensitive towards all external factors. Waxing can be painful and shaving can be extremely uncomfortable. You may feel like changing appointment dates with your dentist too if you are already afraid of doctors.

Dairy products

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Dairy is not good in your menstrual period although calcium is. Products like cheese and yogurt have amounts of arachidonic acid which can cause more pain in lower abdomen and boost cramps. If you stop dairy it will significantly improve heavy periods, period pain, acne and endometriosis. Lactose intolerance can cause many problems like digestive bloating diarrhea and so on and so forth.

However you can have warm glass of milk which will give relief to your menstrual cramps.

Binge eating

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Eating fast food in period days is not a good idea. It is better to stay at home and avoid going to restaurants for hot and spicy food, which will make you feel even worse.

If you really want to pass your period time peacefully then relax in home and skip deep fried food, instead grab a cup of hot chocolate to elevate your mood. Remember one thing, your period will leave in few days but the extra sugar and calories will stick with you for quite a long time, so eat healthy and stay safe.


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There is a general perception that coffee or any type of caffeine can help in fighting against all the sluggishness and mood swings of periods which is wrong, because stuffing yourself with gallons of coffee will only add to your misery. It will make you feel more bloated and heavy.

According to monthly Gift, coffee in those special days will cause you problems like indigestion, bloating and blood pressure. So watch for your caffeine consumption because it contains oil that may inflame intestines and cramps. It also promotes dehydration which in return gives you that lazy feel all along the day.

Stop smoking

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Women who smoke during menstrual cycle have high chances to experience pre menstrual pain. According to various researches it can disturb level of progesterone, estrogen, testosterone and some other hormones in development of PMS.

Women who are chain smokers have irregular and shorter menstrual cycles, so if you are health conscious and want to quit smoking then do it before it is too late for you.

Don’t wear a tampon or a pad more than 4 hours

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You may find it hard to change your pad after every 4 hours, but it is the only way it should be done. The more hygienic you are in your period the lesser chances are of catching any infection.

If you will leave a tampon or pad for more than 4 hours it will build unpleasant odor and bacteria which may lead to severe infections.

Sleep deprivation

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Sleep is very important not only in day to day life but in menstrual cycle too, if you don’t have enough sleep in your period days it will boost the stress hormone ‘cortisol’.

Sleeping less can lead towards hormonal imbalance which will in return affect the severity of period pain. So in those special days try to sleep well because it will keep you sane and satisfied.