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Signs Men Use To Tell Whether A Woman Is Good In Bed

Read Carefully

There are so many pre-conceived notions about sex, it is yet a sad reality that passing judgments is part of human nature, some are way too offensive and some can lean towards positive side too.

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The much anticipation of intercourse and sexual play has led human beings to discover new aspects to sexual thoughts. When it comes to sex and dating one cannot resist the wild imagination, which leads to various sexual fantasies.

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It is not something unusual if we think how the person we like would be in bed, let’s get honest we have all been there and done that, but the relieving part is that nobody wants to share their sexual fantasies with everyone.

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Both male and female do it, I know for a fact since I have had female friends who would voice their inner thoughts, their answers are continually fascinating but for now let’s take an account to what signs men think about women that will be good in bed.

1- Lips tells a story

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No man can deny the importance of lips; it is one of the sexiest traits of a woman. The one thing that always comes to mind of a person is kissing and the one thought leads to another, which totally sets the mood.

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Luscious lips are irresistible for men, so you cannot blame men if they desire for plump lips.

2- She has a curvaceous figure

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It is a general observation that women with curvy figures have more wicked nature, you will not hear any man say that they are not attracted towards curves instead they drool over it. You can blame evolution for the attraction they have towards curvy women.

3- Piercings and tattoos

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Piercings and tattoos automatically make women more alluring sexually, they not only look nice but also it adds to the sexiness of a woman. Tattoos are symbol of rebel so men usually find outward and blunt women attractive.

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In early times piercing was considered as a taboo but now things have changed, as it is considered cool these days although men are equally involved in this bandwagon but women are more prone towards getting tatted and pierced. Talking of piercing according to a known survey 62 percent of men were more attracted towards belly piercing.

4- A sexy walk makes a lot of difference

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A sexy posture and walk is enough to grab man’s attraction, a nice combination of hip action, twist, shake and jiggle will drive any man crazy over you. You will often see when a woman is walking on the street men cannot resist her presence especially when she knows how to carry herself.

5- The way she shows her move on the dance floor

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There is always one woman on the dance floor who has attraction of all men around. Men often imagine this if she can move her booty so well on the dance floor how awesome she would be under the sheets.

6- The way they interact with other men

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Words are mirror to your soul, if you really want to make out how a woman will perform in bed watch out her speaking skills. If she has good speaking skills you may get some signs that she will try to convey along with body language as it is said women have 50 ways to express herself through her body language, not only words, but tone has a lot of effect on emotions too. So all men out there who are looking for some clues keep your ears open.

7- Her confidence is all what you need

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Who doesn’t like a confidant woman, confidence automatically adds to the charm of a woman. If she is confidant then one thing is assured, she will equally perform well under the sheets too. A confidant woman understands what she needs from her man while sex. If you find a confidant woman don’t let her go she may give you the best sex experience of your life.

8- The way she dresses up

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Dressing can tell a lot about woman’s personality if she wears revealing clothes then it means she is giving you hint that she is sexually interested in you which, assures that she is going to be really good in bed having said that sexy dressing automatically sets mood for some special evening.

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Men cannot resist sexy dressing and they find it really hot trait in woman. So ladies if you think you want to know how man will feel about you dress up for him.