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Trilaad deems the intellectual property rights of its users to be important, thus expecting the like from them.

License to use website

All copyright, trademarks and all other intellectual property rights in the Website and the content available (including without any limitation the Website’s design, its graphics and texts, all software and source codes connected with the Website) is owned by or licensed to or otherwise used by as acquired by law. Copyrights laws protect these rights in lieu of the same treaties exercised all over the world. No part of the website or its content is available for copying, downloading, selling, storing, transmitting, republishing or distributing without a written ascent provided by the Website holder themselves. However, printing of the pages of the Website for home, personal or a non-commercial use is excluded from the aforementioned.

Copyright Infringement Notification

Trilaad has taken good care that all the data and material present is published solely through lawful and permissible channels. However, there may be circumstances wherein the copyright information for a fraction of material is not found. Thus be the case, and you believe the content you see was protected by copyrights and yet posted on the Website; a copyright infringement notification can be put into submission.


The notification must include the following:


  • A proper contact channel, including an email address, phone number and a physical address.
  • A concise description of the work that seems to have been infringed.
  • The URL or other identifying location of the allegedly infringing work.
  • A statement that authorizes that the copyright owner, its agent or law has accented upon the use of the material in the way that has been complained of.
  • A testimonial which authorizes the information you provide to be authentic as well as deems you accountable for acting in place of the owner of the material, which if not accepted will be held as perjury.
  • The signature of the copyright owner or an official representative of the copyright. This requirement may be complete as you write your name ( not that of a company’s) at the bottom of the notification.

Submission of the aforementioned information can be done through .

10 business days would be required to process the infringement notification, thus making double sure surer.

You are encouraged to mention original and authentic sources if any there be, that seems missing.

Changes To This Copyright Policy

The Copyright Policy is updated time from time, any alterations or additions will be notified through an update at the page.