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14 $ex Workers Describe Their Freakiest Clients

1. I get paid for toenail clippings and used socks “Sugar baby here. I get paid for toenail clippings and

‘Are You Done Yet?’: 14 Women Vent Their Frustrations About Men Who Take Too Long

1. GIVE ME YOUR MINUTEMEN “I HATE guys who take forever. It only takes me 5-10 minutes to cum a

Solid Reasons Why You’re A “One Night Stand”

Look, I get it that a lot of women (and men) are into hooking up and “casual sexual relationships” and

18 Extremely Awkward Teen $ex Confessions

1. SlamDunx Well, one night, a girl and I were going at it pretty heavily in a parking lot after

17 Real Two-Sentence $ex Stories That Will Make You Really Horny

1. “She was a waitress at a fancy event I went to, a sultry sex goddess who leaned in casually

‘She Took My Pants Off And Said *Wow*’ And 10 Other Real $ex Stories To Read In Bed

1. NIPPLE PLAY I was lazing in bed one Sunday morning with my SO. We’re lightly fooling around and chatting

Short Sex Story That Will Make You Seriously Horny, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Aries: March 21st – April 19th “My tits were pressed up against the glass of our hotel’s sliding door, the

15 Men On That One Little Thing Their Girlfriend Does That Drives Them Crazy (In A Good Way)

1. JJ, 25 “I’ve been with my girl for five years now and she is incapable of telling the smallest

Turn On’s Described By Men Which There Girlfriends Do Without Knowing It

1. Nelson, 25 “Happens to anyone who tries to make other people laugh regularly. Anyway, that’s when her brow furrows

People Describe The Best Sex They’ve Ever Had In Exactly Ten Words