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It takes strength and courage to come out as a transgender, and although the world is catching up, we still have a long way to go in terms of acceptance. These brave women have risen in the media as actresses, models, and dancers, and you may not know that they were born as males.

1.Caroline Cossey

Caroline was born on 31st august 1954 an English model, she was actually the first transgender woman to be featured in Playboy magazine and was also a Bond Girl in the James Bond film “For Your Eyes Only” in 1981. She completed her body change in 1974, after years of treatment and breast enlargement. The media exposed her in 1982. However, she faced tough times, but still she has become a huge impact in the transgender community.

2.Amanda Lepore

Amanda was born on 21st November 1967 an American model, states that she has the “Most Expensive Body on Earth”. She has had lip injections, a nose job, a brow lift and more, and that is just on her face. She added that her sex change was the most painful procedure, which she had to go through but it was all worth it. Appearing in magazines like French Playboy and Vogue, and music videos for Elton John and Grace Jones, she definitely lives an attractive life.


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3.Laverne Cox

Laverne (date of birth not confirmed) American actress made headlines for her performance as the trans character Sophia on the Netflix series “Orange is the new Black”, but not everyone knows that she is a transgender in real life too. She is the first ever openly transgender person to be nominated for a Primetime Emmy in the acting category and is a public leader of the Transgender and LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) movement.

4.Alexis Arquette

Alexis was born on 28th July 1969-died 11th September 2016 American actress made her change from Robert Arquette in her late 30’s. Born in to a famous Hollywood family, she has always been in the limelight. She had roles in films like “Last Exit to Brooklyn”, “Threesome”, and “The Wedding Singer”.

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5.Candis Cayne

Candis was born on 29th August 1971. This American actress shot to distinction in the series “Dirty Sexy Money”. She was the first transgender person to play a repeating transgender character in a popular TV show. She was bullied for being different and passionate.

Just another look from last night 💄💋

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6.Carmen Carrera

By birth named Christopher Roman was born on 13th April 1985. Her stage name is Carmen is a stunning American model, TV personality, actress and a stage performer, and she is a transgender. She caught public attention as a reality star on Rupaul’s Drag Race, coming out after she was on the show. She also made history for being the first trans person to wed on reality TV when she married her husband Adrian Torres. Now she is in line to be the first transgender Victoria Secret Angel.

7.Andreja Pejic

Andreja was born on 28th August 1991. Working most of her life as a trans male model, Andreja experienced sex change operation in 2014. As a trans model, she has modelled for Mark Jacobs, and Jean Paul Gaultier, but the Serb says she has always wanted to be a girl. She has also performed in Vogue, W magazine, Go Australia, and more.

Came here to fight with Odysseus

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8.Claudia Charriez

Claudia was born in year 1982 and raised in New York. She was acting and modelling since she was 16 years old. She made it to the semi-finals of America’s Top Next Model back in 2006, but at that time the show had a rule that only contestants who were born females could compete, so she had to leave.

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9.Jazz Jennings

One of the youngest transgender people in the media, Jazz is 15 years old and she has been dressing like a girl since she was in kindergarten. She is a YouTube and TV personality, a spokes model and an LGBTQ rights activist. She also had a reality series on TLC called “I am Jazz”.

(drama) queen 👑

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10.Jenna Talackova

Jenna was born on 15th October 1988, is a Canadian model and TV personality who brought Miss Universe Canada to court for making her ineligible for being transgender. She won the case and made it to the Top 12 in the competition. She had gender change surgery when she was 19 and now at the age of 27, she has earned an Elle Canada Photoshoot.

11.Ines Rau

Stunning 27 year old model experiencing gender change surgery at the age of 16, Ines knew exactly what she wanted from a young age. The French born, US model has posed for Vogue Italia, Oyster and Playboy.

12.Geena Rocero

Geena was born in year 1983 or 1984 is Filipino American super model. She is transgender advocate. She opened up about her being a transgender in 2014 during a TED talk. Before moving to the US to start her modelling career, she was a beauty contest star in the Philippines. She founded “Gender Proud” which works for gender rights in Philippines, Hong Kong, and Brazil.

@tanduayusa launch last nite w #lechon n Filipino BBQ #TanduayRumGarden

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13.Chamila Asanka

Chamila was born on 12th May 1980.Representing Sri Lanka at the 2011 Miss International Queen Pageant, she has been excelling in the fashion world. The beauty contest, which is the largest beauty contest for transgender women, wishes to create awareness around LGTBQ equal rights in society.

14.Isis King

Isis was born on 1st October 1985 an American model, actress and fashion designer. She made headlines when she was the first transgender woman to appear on the TV show “America’s Next Top Model”. Born Darren Walls, she studied from the Arts School of Philadelphia on a full scholarship, before living in an LGBTQ homeless accommodation for a year.

15.FlorenciaDe La V

Born Roberto Carlos Trinidad, the beautiful model, actress and editor, has made a name for herself as one of the most accepted transgender actresses in the world. With her stunning looks, it’s hard to believe she was born male. She is happily married and has twin kids. Lost her mother because of cancer when she was 2 years old.

16.Lea T

Born Leandro, LeaT was born on 17th April 1981. She is a Brazilian born Italian raised transgender. She has more then made name for herself as a super hit female model. She is one of the world’s most famous transgender models.

17.Arisce Wanzer

Arisce is an American model, actress currently residing in Hollywood California. She is the transgender model who wrote an open letter to a TV star about using her family terms to work her way into the modelling world. She criticized the star for easily taking a spot on top designers ramps without much work. But she has made a name for herself too working for big companies.

18.Gemma Cowling

Gemma 20 years old model was born as a boy she made transition in late 2015. She became the first Australian transgender model when she signed for a modelling company. She started out life as a boy but she always knew she was born to be a female. She says she knew there was something different about her and she found it difficult to fit in the way she was expected to.

19.Jamie Clayton

Jamie was born on 15th January 1978 an American model; actress received her start in the showbiz industry as a makeup artist and co-host of the show “Transform Me”. Her acting career soon started and she received a role on the series “Hung”. She began her transformation in to a female after years of feeling confused about her gender identity. These days Jamie plays the role of a transgender hacker in the series “Sense8”.

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20.Janet Mock

Author was born 10th March 1983. Janet is a perfect example of all things feminine, wonderful and beautiful, but she didn’t always feel easy accepting these features. Her parents not being very accepting did not help her in her difficult times. Janet now lives as a transgender woman.

I loathed every second of writing the latest for my @allure column "Beauty Beyond Binaries," where I explore #prettyprivilege through my own lens as a black and native Hawaiian trans woman. Go to to read (it's ALLURE's most-read piece!)…here's an excerpt: "Women have been trained to minimize their greatness in an effort to be more likable. We learn that when we are complimented, especially about our looks, we must dismiss the compliment, feign self-deprecation and modesty, undermine our looks and pretend we did absolutely nothing to contribute to them … But self-deprecation and dismissals will not save us from the fact that we exist in a lookist culture that equates a woman’s attractiveness to her worth … We do ourselves a disservice by saying looks 'don’t matter,' because looks do matter … My beauty is not something that I earned. I did not work for it, yet it has opened doors for me, allowing me to be seen and heard. And for me to pretend that it does not exist denies the ways in which being perceived as pretty has contributed to my success and made the road a bit smoother."

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21.Alicia Liu

Alicia was born as a male in Taiwan – on June 12th 1986. She went through quite a few gender-changing operations at the age of 18. Later on she openly stated that she is very happy as a woman.


Posted by 劉薰愛 Alicia Liu on Thursday, February 25, 2016