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10 Signs That Say If You Are Making Love or Just Having Sex

Read Carefully

You do not actually need to start a physical relation only after falling in love with somebody. There are few times when you can start with simple lust driven sex which can later on grow into something much more.



However, most of the times, people are initially attracted to a person on the basis of their looks. This is also true that you cannot make your relationship grow with only lust as the sole foundation but an incredible sex can make you go on for a while. There is no doubt that it does not beat love.

1.You Will Get Inspiration



Love is arguably the ultimate inspiration that most of the people can really hope to find. When a person is in love, they will feel the need to find as many different ways as they can to show all the emotions they have inside them. It is precisely this passion that drives them to create, using words, what they cannot with their actions. You will probably start thinking like Elizabeth Browning.



Lust, on the other hand, will more probably make you think just like Taylor Swift as you keep moving from one person to another. You will most likely get hurt and also feel the urge to move on as fast as possible.

2.You Won’t Need to Pretend



If you are making love with somebody, it can actually be very delightful and also comfortable at the same time as you do not have to prove anything whatsoever to each other. You both understand each other’s desires and do everything in your capacity to ensure that your partner is completely satisfied.



If it is just sex, you will often feel some pressure to ensure that your partner is enjoying it and in doing this, you might lose focus on your own contentment.

3.It Will Connect Your Souls



After you have made love, you will feel a deep sense of satisfaction even if you did not reach orgasm. This is because you feel like you have achieved something much deeper than just physical pleasure. It is like you both have revealed your souls to each other and thus, found absolute contentment.



When you are just doing it to satisfy your lust, not reaching orgasm is probably the worse feeling ever. The reason being the fact that it is actually the only reason that you decided to do this in the very first place. It is literally worse than going to a Thanksgiving dinner while expecting a marvelous turkey and ending up eating only canned vegetables.

4. Extremely Passionate



Sometimes making love can be so passionate that it brings you to tears because of the absolute intensity of what you are feeling.



When it is just sex, you might actually be brought to tears because that may be the last time that you ever want to see the person you are with.

5. Both of You Know Each Other Inside Out



When you are with somebody just for the sake of sex, then there are a hundred different things to actually worry about. You will possibly spend much more time only worrying that you might unintentionally slip up, instead of enjoying the sex.



But when you are making love with someone, there are absolutely no worries. Both of you know exactly that you are in this together and for a long time. You are well aware of the fears of each other’s and you both are willing to do everything to ease them. The next morning is also never awkward because you also know what your partner would like for breakfast.




Once you are done with making love, both of you just feel the contentment and would want to keep lying there in the arms of each other, enjoying those moments that you both have together. You feel absolute completeness and happiness.



When you have found someone only for the sake of sex, you will not actually feel like cuddling and being cute with your partner. You are possibly trying to remember your partner’s name.

7.It is Just Another Catch for You



When you are making love with someone, you are very happy and content. You both plan a future together because you do not feel like ending what you both have, ever. You are ready to start a more serious relation like marriage and start a family.



When you are only hooking up with somebody for the sake of sex, it usually feels like you have made another catch. You just wanted amazing sex and you got it and now it is time to simply move on and divert your focus on some other person.

8.Getting Nasty in a Naughty Way



There is a greater chance that you will explore the nastier side of sex if you are in it just for the pleasure. Many times you do not even have to care about meeting that person again in your life. If you are really desperate then you can do it again just about anywhere.



When it is making love, then you put much more thought into what you are doing. You might also have quick or hurried sex, you do keenly try to make it much more romantic even if it is just by doing small things like perfumed candles or by scattering some rose petals.

9.It is Always a Matchless Experience



If, by chance, you break up with that particular person that you were making love with, you will never feel as if you have to contrast and compare between that person and the next person that you start a relationship with. You realize that whatever you had with the last person was very special and intimate.



On the other hand, if you were in it just for the sex and now you have moved on to another partner, you keenly compare the two experiences. You try to find out what was actually missing in the sex and look for new ways to have pleasure.

10.It is a Different Sort of Education



As mentioned before, when you’re in a relationship which is held together only by lust, there is a lot of pressure on you to satisfy your partner. Therefore, you will be much more willing to find new ideas or come up with some creative ways of pleasing them.



When you are in love, there is absolutely no such pressure. You do not need to do any complex gymnastics with your partner in order to find the sort of satisfaction you are looking for. Even when you keep it very simple, the absolute passion between you and your partner will ensure that the experience is incredible.